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How to Practice Cricket Batting

How to Practice Cricket Batting

Tip 1

Get a cricket bat and a tennis sphere. Then making use of the cricket bat, maintain the ball airborne as long as you can. By doing this you will come to know where the center of your bat is as well as it will enhance your self-confidence in batting.

Tip 2

Take a stump as well as a tennis round. Stand 3 meters far from the wall and also toss the round against it. When the ball gets better to you after hitting the ball drive it away with the stump. This aids you in cleaning contact with a relocating round.

Tip 3

This is just one of the most prominent means of practicing solo batting as well as is known as sock cricket. Put simply a cricket sphere in a sock. After that put on hold the sock containing the round from a tree making use of rope, cable, twine or anything else which is strong. After that hit it with a bat to make sure that it turns away. When the ball in the sock returns, struck it once again. Aim to strike it in such a way that it goes back in the straight line in which it had gone earlier. If your ball starts walking around in circles then you are refraining it in the right way i.e. the sphere is not struck by the center of the bat.

Other ideas

Besides all these pointers, you can also try asking a good friend or relative to throw you some spheres so you could practice poker online. In addition, if you haven’t got a cricket club where you live or cannot manage it, you could also collect good friends as well as create your own cricket team.

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